Have one system to include all of your robots, no matter the type.

Using clever programming, we’ve built a structure that allows for multiple robotic formats, freeing you from using many different types of programs for each robot. This also gives you the freedom to pick and choose your setup and not remain in one brand.

VIRobotics_Cad to Robots


Save money without having to call an expert for each model and process.

No more need for a specialist when you use ViRobotics’ intuitive design. We’ve built a modular system that engages your current workflow to work in a method that makes the most sense to you and your team.


Our Design Philosophy

We believe in modernization. Technology doesn’t have to remove jobs if we create smart jobs that utilize the technology to the fullest. Robotics are key to modernization in effort to reduce menial (and or dangerous) labor in the workplace.

  • Simple and Smart: Build apps with an intelligent AI and an intuitive UI.
  • More affordable: Offset the balance from difficult upgrades.