New Creo integration interface with a new powerful database.

We’re pleased to announce that CamNet Inc.’s very own robotic solution, ViRobotics now works with the latest PTC Creo 6! CamNet Inc. always works hard to keep up with the latest versions of all your software so that you can always update your systems confidently without troubles.

New! We’ve increased the power of our flagship post processor, ViPostSuite with updates to the robotic modes as well as a new CNC Machine mode. In the list of machines, we’ve provided custom machinery like gantry systems, conveyor belts and so on.

New! We have 3 different simulation modes using a 3rd company, our advanced simulation, ViSight and will integrate with Creo Assembly Simulation (coming soon!)

For more information or a free web meeting, please email us using the contact forms or email links below.

Integration direct from a 3D model to NCL with ViPostSuite, Post Processor solution for Robotics and CNC machines.
Updated simulation in ViRobotics.
Adjust current robot and robot tools for welding, laser, etc.
Full simulation for welding with collision detection
Generate advanced offline robot code through ViPostSuite

ViRobotics now supports PTC Creo 6!
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