Need a specialized plugin for your favorite CAD/CAM software? Stuck with workarounds that are unreliable?

Custom CAD/CAM Plugins

Create a new program or plugin to make a richer CAD/CAM experience using its Software Development Kit or User API. With a high level of experience in machining and mathematics, CamNet Inc. can produce custom apps to fit inside of your program of choice.


CamNet Inc. will visit your location or meet with you online to listen to your needs. We will then develop a course of action and present a solution.

Once accepted, we will build the solution and provide training with documentation, phone and online help.


We have customized for the following packages:

  1. SolidWorks
  2. PTC (Wildfire / Creo)
  3. Catia
  4. NX
  5. Surfcam
  6. Cimatron
  7. Mastercam
  8. and more